Slop Oil

What is Slop Oil? One of the ever-present waste streams in the oil and gas industry which creates problems for most companies is Slop Oil. “Slop Oil”, by definition, is considered crude oil which is emulsified with water and solids rendering it a waste stream that cannot be sold down the pipeline. Slop Oil, or secondary oil, is found in evaporation ponds, sludge pits, storage tanks, and permitted commercial disposal facilities. Slop Oil is not environmentally friendly! Current options for disposal are expensive and hard to find. This leads to Slop Oils being stored in pits or tanks, wherever possible, until a better solution presents itself. Our technology is timely, given the environmentally sensitive market as well as the cost implications of the disposal of residual oil production and hydrocarbon waste.

Advanced research and technology is the answer. After four years of intense research and development, we are now efficiently able to process Slop Oil to pipeline specifications. This is achieved by knocking out the solids and separating the oil from the wastewater. Our process is a safe, environmentally sustainable, and eco-friendly process. The wastewater resulting from processing meets or exceeds the criteria for final discharge into any industrial water treatment system. Alternatively, it has the option of discharge into a disposal/injection well or evaporation pond. The solids can be recycled, being used for various applications. These include asphalt, road building, or reclamation by way of land farming.