What is X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

How does XRF work? X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is an analytical technique that uses the interaction of X-rays with a material to determine its elemental composition. XRF is suitable for solids, liquids and powders, and in most circumstances is non-destructive. XRF spectroscopy is an effective method for qualitative and quantitative analysis of material composition. There are two …

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Thermal conductivity detector (TCD)

The thermal conductivity detector (TCD), also known as a Katharometer, is a bulk property detector and a chemical specific detector commonly used in gas chromatography. This detector senses changes in the thermal conductivity of the column effluent and compares it to a reference flow of carrier gas. Since most compounds have a thermal conductivity much …

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AAVOS International

AAVOS is an abbreviation. Unfortunately, the abbreviation is in Dutch but this is the translation in English. A: stands for analysis A: for advice V: sales O: commissioning S: service

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