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    Aloa_PM10 : Fine dust measurement

    Continuous measurement of fine dust emissions in µg/m3

    Ambient Particulate Air Samplers PQ100

    The BGI PQ100 FRM Sampler incorporates BGI pioneering technology to meet the requirements for ambient particulate sampling dictated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Compact Air Quality and odour Monitoring Station

    Scentinal provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2. The flexible intelligent station allows live monitoring of plant emissions on Scentroid’s cloud servers. Odour emission is reported in OU/m3 based on correlation determined based on periodic measurements using field olfactometry.

    Environmental Cyclones

    Cyclone Selector Chart This chart allows users to quickly chose an appropriate cyclone for measuring PM10, PM4, PM2.5, and PM1

    Kunak AIR Mobile Air Quality Monitoring from vehicles

    Accurate air quality monitoring from vehicles SENSOR BASED  |  BEST AVAILABLE ACCURACY The Kunak AIR can be used in mobile

    Kunak AIR Pro Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

    The air quality monitoring station for professionals After 7 years of designing and deploying small air quality stations all over

    miniPM® Inlet for PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1 and TSP

    The miniPM® inlet is designed for a flow rate of 5 LPM and incorporated into the OmniFT sampler. The miniPM®

    OMNI FT Ambient Air Sampler

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages state and local air monitoring groups to conduct short-term multi-site pollutant monitoring studies using non-reference method, small portable samplers.

    PEGASOR AQ™ INDOOR PM and air quality

    Pegasor AQ™ Indoor is the perfect tool for monitoring air quality in all indoor environments where well-being and productivity are key issues

    PX-375 Multi metal, Continuous Particulate Monitor with X-ray Fluorescence

    Continuous elemental and particulate mass analysis with automatic sampling There has been a growing concern regarding particulate matter (PM) pollution