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AirQrate Multi-Gas Calibrator

Multi-Gas Calibrator (mobile or rack version)

AQMesh mobile air quality monitor

AQMesh low-cost smart outdoor air quality monitor

Compact Air Quality and odour Monitoring Station

Scentinal provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2. The flexible intelligent station allows live monitoring of plant emissions on Scentroid’s cloud servers. Odour emission is reported in OU/m3 based on correlation determined based on periodic measurements using field olfactometry.

complete air quality mobile laboratory – pollution tracker

Scentroid Pollutracker TR8+ is a complete air quality mobile laboratory. This instrument allows the user to measure hundreds of chemicals using up to 10 sensors and analyzers including Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) sensors, Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, Electrochemical and Metal Oxide sensors. Pollutracker includes, Built-in 10″ touchscreen interface, On device data logging and wireless transfer via email, Remote (internet based) firmware update, Built in sampling pump, Simultaneous data analysis of all gases, Built-in rechargeable battery, On-screen Calibration Procedure and External decontamination device.

flying laboratory, Drone environmental monitoring

The Scentroid DR1000 can be used to sample and analyze ambient air at heights of up to 150 meters above ground level that was previously impossible to accomplish. Air quality mapping, model verification, analysis of potentially dangerous sites are all made possible by this novel innovation.

GAZOTRACK 4, multigas detector

The GAZOTRACK 4, multigas detector.

H2S-1100 Hydrogen Sulfide Converter

ECOTECH Model H2S-1100 Hydrogen Sulfide Converter employs both catalytic and thermal principles to convert H2S to SO2. Converter efficiency is better than 95 % over a temperature range of 300 °C to 400 °C. (350 °C is the optimal temperature for H2S conversion).

HTO-1000 Thermal Oxidiser

ECOTECH HTO-1000 Thermal Oxidiser is a thermal converter designed to be used with nitrogen gas analysers for the measurement of ammonia (NH3)

Lasersmart analyser for N2O, NOx, SOx, H2S, Formaldehyde, CO, CO2…

Providing accurate measurement of all molecules of interest including, N2O, NOx, SOx, H2S, Formaldheyde, CO, CO2…

Low cost sensor SCI-700 Series

SCI-700 Series sensor nodes are miniaturized instruments for monitoring toxic and harmful gases in the atmospheric environment of industrial parks.