CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System

CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System


Measurement of flue gas. Components to be measured

  • NO, CO, O2, dust
  • NO, CO, SO2, O2, dust
  • NO, NO2, N2O, CO, SO2, O2, H2O
  • NH3, HCl, HF, VOC, dust


When burning coal, petroleum products, natural gas as well as municipal and hazardous waste pollutants are created, that is emitted with flue gas.

Installation notes

  • Sample probe (optional auto-blowback)
  • Heated lines to analyser cabinet/shelter
  • Continuous gas analyzer to measure NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, O2
  • Zero/span calibration system
  • Dataprocessing
NOX (Std)0-200/5000ppm
NOX (optional)0-100ppm
SO2 (Std)0-200/5000ppm
SO2 (optional)0-50ppm
CO (Std)0-200/5000ppm
CO (optional)0-100ppm

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