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In a world that discovers more and more the importance of the environment that surrounds it, we are inspired by human and digitalize the human senses in order to reveal the ambient environmental conditions.

By making the invisible visible, we provide our customers with actionable data to make every environment healthy and safe in order to live more, better, together and in confidence

Rubix S&I provide environmental intelligence solutions based devices for outdoor and indoor spaces. Our solutions help decision makers improve their environments  through the use of sensors capable of anaylizing and monitoring both air quality and nuisances (gas, odors, particles, lights, sounds, …).

Inspired by humans, we digitalize human senses and develop complex signatures in order to characterize the perceived environmental atmosphere using an end-to-end solution (from IoT to data science)

Through our unique ability to digitize the human senses, we reveal the ambient conditions of an environment (indoor or outdoor). By making the invisible visible, we provide our clients with actionable data to take action and improve their processes and operations

Created in 2016 by Jean-Christophe Mifsud, a trilingual french entrepreneur 22 years of experience of founding and developing High tech companies development including Analytical & Medical Instrumentation for Food Safety, environmental analysis and Point of Care diagnostic module for either B to B or B to C with wearable devices.

RUBIX has more than 200 man years of experience in sensors and particularly in gas sensors, VOC and odors, developing electronic nose and nuisances data banks associating miniaturized sensors arrays with AI.

We capitalize on this expertise to develop customized and miniaturized multi sensors devices for environmental monitoring, (air quality, nuisances at work or at home), for intelligent home and household appliances (fridges, cooking oven) as well as non-invasive health status monitoring via breath or skin. We do develop as well the associated gas, or odors data banks that allow to identify the sources of nuisances, of food decay or health status.