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Kunak AIR Cloud Air Quality and Noise monitoring Software

Advanced platform for air quality networks and noise levels management Kunak AIR Cloud is a web platform on the cloud, for

Kunak AIR Mobile Air Quality Monitoring from vehicles

Accurate air quality monitoring from vehicles SENSOR BASED  |  BEST AVAILABLE ACCURACY The Kunak AIR can be used in mobile

Kunak AIR Pro Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

The air quality monitoring station for professionals After 7 years of designing and deploying small air quality stations all over

Kunak Noise N10 Noise monitoring system

Monitor air quality and noise with high precision data Low-cost wireless system for the monitoring of urban and industrial noise.

We at Kunak create air quality control and monitoring end-to-end solutions designed to capture environmental data and to remotely control infrastructures and equipment. We work for various Industries including Environmental Organisations, Utilities, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Smart Products and Industrial-IoT.

Our goal is to help our clients capture critical, accurate and real-time information, helping them make decisions, create added-value, monetize their resources, anticipate risks and operate their business more efficiently.

We design and manufacture the Hardware, Communications, Software, Cloud Services and the integration with the client´s systems.