blackcarbon emissions

We are all walking on thin ice and #BlackCarbon is making the ice a lot thinner!

BlackCarbon is a significant contributor to climate change, but it is not given the attention it deserves.

  • Black carbon emissions are responsible for Arctic amplification, Himalayan glacier melting, disruptive monsoons, and increased flood risk, food insecurity, extreme heat, and environmental injustice.
  • They are a key factor in several climate tipping points, and they have a significant impact on human health.
  • However, black carbon emissions are not part of any global climate protocol and often go completely untracked.

The world needs to take a more strategic and intentional approach to reducing black carbon emissions.

  • Black carbon emissions can be reduced through a variety of measures, including transitioning to electric light sources, supporting community-led forest fire management programs, implementing cleaner technologies for brick production, and replacing diesel generators with renewables.
  • These solutions can have immediate climate and health benefits, as black carbon emissions remain in the atmosphere for just a couple of weeks.

Governments and the global climate community need to do more to track and report black carbon emissions.

  • Countries need to set ambitious black carbon emissions reduction targets in their nationally determined contributions.
  • Multilateral development banks, development agencies, and other funders need to support actors to set and achieve those targets.

More research is needed to address the scientific uncertainties surrounding aerosols.

  • Aerosols can both warm and cool the climate, and their effects are not fully understood.
  • More observational studies, regional-scale climate modeling, and integrated greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions inventories are needed.

Despite the uncertainties, the evidence is clear that black carbon emissions must be reduced.

  • They are a major threat to the climate, the environment, and human health.
  • We cannot let uncertainties prevent us from taking action to address this urgent problem.

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