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    Analect PCM Series

    physical, chemical and compositional properties of liquids, solids and gases

    APCA-370 Ambient Carbon Dioxide CO2 monitor/analyser

    The APCA-370 is a device for continuous CO2 monitoring in ambient air. It uses cross modulation type non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption

    APHA-370 THC Analyser (Total Hydrocarbons)

    Our measuring device APHA-370 is a continuously working analyzer for the determination of THC, CH4 and non-CH4 in the ambient

    APMA-370 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Monitor (CO)

    The APMA-370 is a device for continuously monitoring CO concentrations using a Non-dispersion cross modulation infrared analysis method. The APMA-370

    APNA-370 – Ambient NOx Monitor

    The APNA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric NO, NO2 and NOx concentrations using a cross-flow modulated semi decompression chemiluminescence method. The APNA-370 employs an independent,

    APNA-370/CU-2 Ambient Ammonium NH3 monitor/analyser

    Contiuous monitoring for Ammonia in ambient air with high sensitivity. APNA-370/CU-2 Ambient Ammonium Monitor measures increased nitrogen oxide (NOx) raected

    APOA-370 Ambient Ozone O3 monitor/analyser

    The APOA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric ozone concentrations using a cross flow modulated ultraviolet absorption method. The APOA-370 employs an independent,

    APSA-370-Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Monitor/analyser

    The APSA-370 is a device for the continuous monitoring of atmospheric SO2 using UV fluorescence. The APSA-370 employs an proprietary, internal

    APSA-370/CU-1 Ambient Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor/analyser

    APSA-370/CU-1 Ambient H2S monitor measures SO2 converted H2S through oxidation catalyst based on Ultra Violet Fluorescence. In order to reduce measurement

    Cassettes for Membranes (Diam. 47 mm)

    To use in filterholders for particulate matter sampling.

    Environmental Cyclones

    Cyclone Selector Chart This chart allows users to quickly chose an appropriate cyclone for measuring PM10, PM4, PM2.5, and PM1

    PM1 LVS Head

    (for 2.3 m3/h sampling flow rate.) Supplied with 16 nozzles, not compatible with the LVS PM10 and PM2.5 models.