Arrival to Belgium by plane

Airport possibilities in Belgium:

If your starting city has a direct flight to Antwerp Airport (ANR), this is generally the most convenient option in terms of travel time and ease. This airport is located just outside the city center and offers good public transportation connections.

Flights to Brussels Airport (BRU): (recommended)

Flights to Brussels Airport (BRU): (recommended)

Brussels Airport is the largest airport in Belgium and has excellent connections to many European cities. From there, you can easily reach Antwerp by train (around 30 minutes) or bus (around 1 hour) or taxi (approximately 45 minutes)

Flights to other airports:

Depending on your starting point, you might find cheaper or more convenient flight options to other airports in Belgium (e.g., Liege Airport, Charleroi Airport), Netherlands (e.g., Amsterdam Airport Schiphol), or even Germany (e.g., Düsseldorf Airport or Eindhoven, The Netherlands). From these airports, you can connect to Antwerp by train or bus, but travel times might be longer compared to flying directly to Antwerp or Brussels.

By train from Brussels Airport to Antwerp

If you arrive at Brussels Airport, the easiest way to get to Antwerp is by train. There is a direct connection every 30 minutes.

Brussels Airport-Zaventem on Platform 1

IC 2632 to Malines / Mechelen & Anvers-Central / Antwerpen-Centraal

* 2 stops: Malines / Mechelen 

* Anvers-Berchem / Antwerpen-Berchem 

Arrival at Anvers-Central / Antwerpen-Centraal on Platform 21

When you arrive at Central Station in Antwerp by train, there are several possibilities to get to the Docklands Hotel and even directly to the event venue. To get from the train station directly to the Event Venue, you can take the metro/tram line 24

By Metro line 24

By Metro line 1

By taxi, Step or bike or on foot

  • On foot, is is merely 2,4km to the Docklands Hotel which is a 34 minute walk thgrough Antwerp
  • By Tram, see previous info
  • By bycicle, Download the Velo Antwerp app on your smartphone to see all the bicycle stations. For OS, click here. For Android, click here.
  • By Taxi: Taxis can be a way for getting around in Antwerp. The drivers know the city as their backyard and might get you to your destination without getting too much traffic.
  • Shared scooters: BirdLime and Poppy provide shared scooters in Antwerp through a free-floating system: they have no fixed parking space, but you can locate them with an app. You can use your smartphone to unlock the scooter and depart immediately. At the end of your journey, you must leave the scooter behind in a drop-off zone or in a place where it will not inconvenience anyone.

By train from Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Antwerp Central Station

Check this link for departure times

By train from Eindhoven Airport, The Netherlands, to Antwerp Central Station

Check this link for departure times