Air Quality

ACTRIS Approval for Aethalometers


We are pleased to announce that the Aethalometers fromMagee/Aerosol have received approval from ACTRIS (European Center for Aerosol Calibration).

Expand Your Instrument Portfolio with ACTRIS-Approved Devices

ACTRIS, Europe’s largest atmospheric research institute, gathers comprehensive data on short-lived airborne particles across various environments. Their mission includes atmospheric exploration, high-quality data collection, and fostering international research collaborations.

In April 2024, ACTRIS published their new whitelist of approved instruments, which now includes our latest AE36 and AE36s models for measuring Black and Brown Carbon. Other approved instruments from Aerosol Magee Scientific are:

  • AE43
  • AE33
  • AE31

Note that AE31’s compliance remains valid until the end of 2025. We recommend updating your portfolio with AE36 and AE36s or taking advantage of our AE33 promotional offer while stocks last.

For more information, visit: ACTRIS-GAW Recommendation Documents