monitoring solutions for industrial processes & environment

monitoring solutions for industrial processes and environment

Ambient Air

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Process Monitoring

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Emissions Monitoring

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Water Monitoring

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process analysers
More than 25 years in
industrial process instrumentation
Our analyzers help you to: reduce processing costs, improve quality, ensure uniform enterprise productivity, reduce product transition time, eliminate and recycle waste, comply with environmental, health and safety regulations
Environmental and
emissions monitoring
Continuous Air Quality Monitoring is our core business. We specialize in bio-aerosols | Sick Building Syndrome | Traffic & Roadside Monitoring | Urban Air Quality | Fenceline Monitoring | Construction Air Quality Monitoring, CEMS and more,…
custom solutions
We engineer
Custom Solutions & System Integration
You did not find what you were looking for on the market? Do not worry, our engineers will find and create the perfect custom build solution for your application.